1. Run away, run away! 

  2. Had a couple slow hours at work, so I made this. Dark Claw!!

  3. Warming up with that awesome new Batgirl design from Cam Stewart and Babs Tarr.

  4. Bill Sienkiewicz, everybody!

  5. Sons of Anarchy #6!


    from IDW. Art by the fabulous Alberto Ponticelli.

    I really, really like this book, you guys. Proud to be part of the team on this one. Can’t wait until I can show you all more from this!

  7. dennisculver:

    I put together an order form for Volume 2 of Edison Rex.

    Download the PDF here: http://dennisculver.com/edisonrexv2.pdf

    You’ll want to print this out and take it to your local comic shop so they can get you a copy. You can even have them order you a copy of volume 1 which is being offered again this month too.

    If you’re looking for a comiic shop go here:

    All the print editions of Edison Rex are published by IDW and single issues come out monthly from Monkeybrain via Comixology.

    Please reblog this far and wide. We want to make sure to get Rex into the hands of everyone that would enjoy it!


    You know you want this. Order now to make sure you get it!

    (via chrisroberson)


  8. Anonymous said: What is the best Paul F Tompkins impression other than Ice-T?



    Garry Marshall is pretty fantastic.

    The correct answer is Cake Boss, followed closely by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

    Close, but it’s actually Werner Herzog:


  9. Experimenting with Sculptris. I call it “freaky deformed monster-man”…

    (seriously this 3d modeling stuff is HAAARD.)

    (but fun)

  10. Sketching in a friend’s notebook at the Co-op. Some dude was there playing the guitar.