1. Because we needed another take on Medieval Batman. Also because it’s fun as hell to draw.

  2. 1950s lady. Watch where you point those things, girl. Warmup, from photo ref.

  3. Hindu holy man, from ref. Experimenting a bit with color and style. I like it.

  4. Warmup drawing. Started from photo ref, but it turned into something else. Seeing a bit of Commander Vimes in there.

  5. Warmup from photo ref. Loved the colors on this girl!

  7. Warming up with a Goblin Queen, from George MacDonald’s The Princess and the Goblin. Such a great story.

  8. Starting the week off right. 
    Monday morning warmup! (from photo ref.)

  9. Today’s warmup, inspired by the amazingly soulful Dennis Culver.

  10. A li’l Leonardo love.